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Don't compromise your driving safety

When your car's alignment is off, your safety is compromised. Fuscardo Automotive is dedicated to making sure your car is as safe as possible for you and all others on the road. At each check-up for your car we will pay special attention to its front alignment.

Make sure your car is driving straight

The front alignment of your car helps make sure you are driving straight on the road. Our technicians will perform the proper checks to make sure all your alignments are correct.


We will continually change the angle of your wheels until they are correctly aligned. If your front alignment is off, you will be able to feel the difference when you start driving.

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Computer diagnostics

Bring your vehicle in for comprehensive computer diagnostics. If repairs are needed and you choose to have the repairs done at Fuscardo Automotive, we will wave the $35 fee.

Make sure your wheels are aligned correctly, and contact us today!

Get a FREE estimate on all our services, excluding computer diagnostics. Fuscardo Automotive is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and automotive repairs.